1/8 th Beef

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2017-10-21 17.17.36.jpg

1/8 th Beef


The 1/8th is just that a whole eighth of a beef …we’re talking 45 pounds of premium Grass Finished, 21 day Dry Aged beef! This meat is so good and so budget friendly your gonna think you rustled it! This is Steaks, Roast, Beef Ribs, Stew, & Ground Meat ….you can cook indoors or at the chuckwagon because you have it all!

(3) Rib Eye Steaks

(3) KC/NY Strip Steaks

(1) Sirloin …Big One

(3) Chuck/Chuck Arm Roast

(2) Stew Meats (1 lb pkgs)

(2) Short Ribs (at least 3 bones each)

(20-25) lbs Ground Beef

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