Buck Creek Sausages (4 pkgs per order, expect 4.5 - 5 lbs)

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2017-07-11 19.39.23.jpg

Buck Creek Sausages (4 pkgs per order, expect 4.5 - 5 lbs)

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100% Pastured Pork sausage & brat will make any cow hand tip his hat to the cook no matter where he is from! These are in 100% natural casing and are not precooked. There have zero gluten, nitrates and nitrites ….all natural here! Git the campfire ready!

All pork is beyond organic and pastured delicious and juicy!

**4 (approximately 1.2 lbs each with 4 links) packages per selection with the total weight expected at 4.5 - 5 lbs. Breakfast sausage is in 1 lb bulk tubes with each order having 5 tubes.

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Polish, German & Italian are traditional in their taste profile.

Hot Italian is traditional in flavor with a little spice kick.

Baja is a onion and garlic brat.

Inferno is 'hot" ...if you eat hot food you will be fine ...if you don't like hot stuff then leave this one for the more experienced cowboy!

Hot breakfast sausage (Bulk Tube of 1 lb) has a beautiful flavor that will make everyone happy with just a little bite of spice.

+Price Does NOT include shipping.  Shipping charges will be accessed based upon your location and shipping requirements to insure the product arrives in proper condition.