Beef quarters, halves, and wholes

You can place your order with us at the bottom of this page, or by calling Mona at 806-683-2590.

In order to be grass-fed and grass-finished beef that tastes great, is about how the cattle are bred as well as how they are fed.  We have spent the last four years preparing our herd to taste delicious and improving the pastures to get them the grass to do so! To learn more about our herd. The years of developing the herd with high-powered bulls, cattle geared for grass, providing plentiful grass, and time...the waiting...were well worth it and we believe that we have a superior product! We are offering the Grass Finished beef by the cut and quarters, halves and whole sides cut to your specifications.

You are in the driver's seat – you make the decisions on how to cut your beef! 

We will advise you, if needed, but you get your beef cut like you want!  Also all of it is yours, everything you want including organs and fat if you want it!  It is a great deal on healthy, 100% grass-fed/finished beef! 

When you place your deposit for a quarter, half or whole beef, we will give you an approximate date of when it will go to the butcher.  You will complete cutting instructions that will be given to the butcher. Your beef will then dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 14 to 21 days before being cut.  When your beef is cut and packaged you will pick up the meat at the butcher, we will deliver it to you*, or have it shipped to you*.   (*additional charges can apply) 

If you order a quarter, you will split a side with another customer.  The cuts of meat in the front half are different from the back half, so in order to give you all the cuts we "share" these.  This could limit your cutting options, as it is a compromise with the other customer, who will be sharing the half, but we do our best to match you in regards to steak thickness and packaging requested.  Again, this applies only to quarter orders.  If you ordered a half or whole beef, you won’t have to split the sides.



Step 1:  Place your order with a $200 deposit

Your beef will be delivered to the butcher and aged from two to three weeks depending on the weight of the animal. 

Step 2: You will receive information for cutting instructions to the butcher and we will walk you through that process.

Step 3:  After butchered, we will contact you with exact hanging weight and an estimated total cost.  

Step 4: You will pay the remainder of your balance to Buck Creek once we know the packaged weight, and can pick up or your beef will be delivered or shipped depending on your arrangement.


IF you purchase a QUARTER you beef will cost $9.00 per lb of packaged beef …you SAVE approximately $100 when compared to our competitors.

IF you purchase a HALF or more your cost will be $8.00 per lb of packaged beef …you SAVE approximately$200 when compared to our competitors.

REMEMBER:  Each calf will vary in weight.  Below are the averages and estimated costs.


Whole: 680 to 750 lbs hanging

Costs for a processed (to your specifications & vacuum sealed) a quarter would range between 480 - 500 pounds of package beef to your freezer @ $8.00 would cost you $3,840 - $4,000.

Half: 340 to 375 lbs hanging

Costs for a processed a quarter would range between 240 -250 pounds of package beef to your freezer @ $8.00 would cost you $1920 - $2,000.

Quarter: 175 to 225 lbs hanging

Costs for a processed a quarter would range between 120 -125 pounds of package beef to your freezer @ $8.00 would cost you $960 - $1,000.


The approximate freezer space needed is also dependent on the size of your animal.  A close estimate is: 3-4 cubic feet for a quarter, 6-8 cubic feet for a half, and 12-16 cubic feet for a whole.