At Buck Creek we are determined to find the best artisanal approach to producing the best meat and eggs possible!  In the mist of that thought we are striving towards sustainability so that our land is healed and so our cattle, chickens, sheep and pigs are taken care of and live out their lives in a healthy stress-free life while all the while being a calf or pig or chicken or lamb …let the chicken shine in it chickeness and the lamb prance in it whiteness!

My grandparents bought Buck Creek in the late 1930’s. Our family bought our cattle from my dad in 2009 during the height of the drought and those first years were learning years and they shaped who we are today as farmers, our approach to our land and animals.  We raise our animals the way it was intended, cattle and lamb never get grain, chickens run free to scratch for seeds and bugs while eating all the plants they want and pigs thrive in the dirt and mud as they range their pasture.

When we started this journey it was just the five us (Richard, Mona, Kyler, Kit & Kade) and we started in one farmers market with one freezer out of the back of our vehicle… we had 6 cattle to sell and we had no idea if we could get that done!  Over the last several years there has been several changes …there are now seven of us with the addition of our son’s wives Sumaya (Kit) and Emily(Kyler).  And we have moved from five farmers markets back to two in McKinney with drop-offs in other places.  We now sell to restaurants and gyms wholesale and have recently (March 2017) started delivering and shipping subscription boxes all over DFW, Texas and beyond!

Through all of this our commitment has not changed …we are committed to the animals and the farm because we know that in those we are serving you our customer the best!  Your family is eating the best tasting and healthiest meats available and because our meat is on your table your families are healthier for it!  We are committed to these ideas. What a ride it has been these last several years!   Thank you for being on this journey with us.


Richard, Mona, Kyler, Emily, Kit, Sumaya, & Kade