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Choose your steak thickness
Steak: T-Bones OR NY Strip & Fillets, Sirloin, & Ribeye's
(IF you choose Boneless Strips your Sirloin will be boneless as well)
Chuck Roast or 7 Bone Roast *
How would you like the Chuck Cut? OR would you like it put into ground meat? IF YES then as Chuck Roast OR 7 Bone Roast??
Rump Roast *
Rump roast is lean typically braised. Do you want it as roast or added to ground meat
Arm Roast aka Chuck Arm *
Arm Roast are the lower part of the Chuck which is a little leaner than the Chuck but makes great Crock Pot Roast
Roast Size *
Please choose roast Size AND bone-IN or Boneless
Round Steak OR London Broil, Eye of Round and Bottom Round *
The Round is lean and typically suited for braising, frying or marinating depending on how you choose to have it cut. (You can choose as many as three on the Round cut).
Ground Beef / Meat *
What size packages would you like your ground beef in??
Hamburger Patties *
YES or NO, IF YES Size 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 lb * how many pounds of patties? ($0.30 per lb (Example: 10 lbs of Patties are $3.00 for processing)
IF you said YES on patties how many pounds of patties would you like?
Brisket *
Yes or No?
Stew Meat *
Yes or NO? Packages will be 1 lb per each
5, 10, 15 lbs, etc
Short - Ribs *
Yes or NO, IF No it will be ground meat
Skirt Steak *
Yes or No
Flap Meat / Sirloin Flap *
Flap is a delicious piece of meat much like a cross between skirt steak and flank steak. Grills great & is great fajita meat! Treat it the same as flank or skirt.
Flank Steak *
Other Meats
Choose these "other" meats if you want them.
Such as Tri-Tip, Pike's Peak Roast, or Loin Tip Roast etc

Custom Cutting Instructions - Beef

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