“Our daughter was asked to have extensive dental work done (four stainless steel crowns and four fillings) at age five even when we hadn't eaten much sugar, not to say candies at all. I was devastated and started researching. I found out diet played a huge role in the dental health. So we decided to work on our diet. I was so blessed to have found Buckcreek Land and Cattle at our local farmer's market. We took out all refined foods and grains. We stuck to lots of vegetables, grass fed meat, raw milk/butter/cheese, and homemade kefir from raw grass fed milk.

We had beef liver, ground beef, eggs regularly and lots of bone broth made from the bones we bought from Buckcreek. Seven weeks later, we went to check on her teeth. Five cavities were gone! We were so encouraged by this. Three months later, all the other teeth were healed except one that needed a filling. Now she is almost 9 years old. She has been cavity free since then. We decide to keep the diet for our family as much as possible because it is not only good for our teeth but for our overall health. Buckcreek provides us the best meat, eggs, and bones for many years. Thank you Mona and Richard for making such quality meat and eggs accessible to us! You definitely made difference in our lives!”

– Wendy


“Best meat and eggs in Texas.  I will forever pay homage to @buck_creek_meats they have the only red meat I can tolerate.  Clean quality food is very important if you call yourself trying to be fit and healthy.  Put the protein shakes down and get you some quality real food and watch the difference in your body!  You wanna get swole? Then this is the meat to help you!”

– Tristan Ellison of @Tristanellisonfitness


"Buck Creek is beyond compare for quality and value. As a former executive chef and aspiring environmental engineer, I hold high standards for the food I serve my family. Mona has been superior in customer service and I have loved watching (and tasting) the expansion of their product line. The new subscription box is a perfect solution for busy families who want the quality of local grass fed and wild-pastured meats but don't always have time to make it to the farmers markets. We will be customers for life!"

– JP, Cliff, Madi, Juliann, Drew Boltwood

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I have been an avid bodybuilder for over seven years. For years I understood the value of proper dieting and nutrition but it wasn't until I was introduced to Buck Creek Meats where I truly began to understand the importance of not just what I eat, but where it comes from. Bodybuilding is based upon applying the knowledge you have attained and testing new methods of training and nutrition. Bodybuilders in simple terms are "chemists", using methods of trial and error to maximize results. For years I relied on meats that were processed with hormones and coloring dyes. I spent so much time finding the right amount of foods to eat, I forgot about measuring the quality of food. Thanks to Buck Creek meats I've noticed solid lean muscle gains. I'm taking in a natural source of beef that provides ample amounts of protein and healthy fats. Muscle gains are made through eating protein and fats not carbs! Knowing that I'm now eating what our bodies were designed to digest. I consider myself ahead of the curve in terms of nutrition and understand that society is beginning to wake up and look towards natural forms of food. If this were a religious cult, you can consider me converted. The greatest investment in life is your health. Consider Buck Creek Meats a life long investment that will continue to payoff. 

- Matt Fuhs

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Partner: Lisa Malcolm - Healthykidshappyfamily.com  

Lisa Malcolm is a certified holistic nutrition consultant who works with pediatricians and functional medicine Doctors. Her passion to heal others through proper nutrition and natural supplements has been fueled by her own experience with her son, who is now 10 years old.  Lisa's son is like many who struggle with allergies, asthma, ADHD, and processing issues.  Through her training at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition she has come to understand the harmful effects of inflammation on the body that ultimately contributes to these issues.  This knowledge has given her the tools needed to reverse these effects for her son, and she feels the responsibility to share her expertise with anyone suffering with their health.

  Lisa provides her clients with on going support in changing their diets from a conventional American diet to one of Whole seasonal foods free of chemicals and GMO's.  She has many tips and tricks to make this transition easy for her clients and ultimately sets them up for success.  When Lisa is not helping clients she is  at Bar Method exercising,  creating new healthy recipes, traveling to experience new cultures and cuisine and continuing to educate herself in health and nutrition. Check out her website at Healthykidshappyfamily.com