Spring has Sprung!

Spring has come to Buck Creek.  Today was a warm one at nearly 80 and the bulls were enjoying the day and even looking for some shade!  They look great and they are looking forward to a great summer just as we are.  With spring comes new babies and we should start seeing calves any day now as will a new crop of lambs... exciting time and we feel blessed for the new birth and the rain that came in late winter.  The rain allowed us to plant new grass for the spring and early summer while our winter grasses are still looking good with the moisture as well; we will also start planting our summer grasses mid April if we can get some more moisture. 


With all these farm changes comes the new farmers market year and we are excited for that.  We are still short on some cuts but those will begin to fill in quickly and in a month we will be completely stocked.  We are thankful for your business and how it provides for our family and farm. 


We look forward to seeing you again this spring and summer!  It’s exciting!