Hard Dry Winter

The last several months have been D-R-Y …heck the last eight years have been!  Since January we have seen less than 2 inches of rain …until this weekend and we doubled that total with  2.1” the last two days and it is building right now to hopefully by God’s grace give us some more.

Though it has been dry over the winter the boys are ready for the green grass and the ladies.  Here’s some of the guys are hanging out in the shade as they get use to the Paducah heat!

The Buck Creek bulls are Galloway and Shorthorn and are all of short stature by comparison to commercial industry standards.  We have selected them particularly for this very reason.

When we bought the first two Galloway bulls a few years back we got them from Hang 5 Galloway’s in Parkman WY.  The two bulls are registered Galloway’s that are out of old “meat sires” which basically means they predate the American push to feed yards and the type of cattle that do well there …these guys come from a by-gone era when cattle lived their whole lives on grass.  The fact that the heritage of these bulls always revolved around “finishing” on grass makes them great bulls for our grass finished cattle today and you can tell it in our beef today!

Black Galloway

Black Galloway

Red Galloway

The Shorthorn bulls have great “grass” genetics’ as well!  These two guys came from Y Lazy Y Shorthorns in Corvallis, MT.

Boa Kae Royal Oak son

One bull is out a very good sire and dam (Coalpit Creek Leader 6th who’s sire was the 1960’s foundation bull Kinnaber Leader 6th) while the other bull’s sire is Boa Kae Royal Oak from the 1960’s.  These guys are great additions to our herd as they bring old school grass fed genetics’ as well.

Coalpit Creek Leader 6th son

Coalpit Creek Leader 6th son

As you can see here at Buck Creek we have done our research and sought out the bulls that will help us bring great meat to your table!  We will never cease improving our herd and selecting for better beef, better mommas and just better cattle.  Don’t be fooled by those that attempt to pass off the same genetics’ you find in the local “Wally World” …our beef is different because we work at it and select the right cattle for it!!